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4 Strategies For Improving Miners' Training

Miners should have a high level of skill and expertise to operate mining tools safely. Using the right mining products and techniques for specific tasks can make the machines last longer. At Apache Iron Works, we offer comprehensive miners’ training. Here are four strategies for improving miners’ training:

1. Incorporate Technology

Technology can be helpful in improving miners’ skills and knowledge. Virtual reality (VR) simulators can allow employees to learn and practice their skills. Mixing holograph pictures and step-by-step instructions could provide an engaging learning environment.

Using augmented reality (AR) can provide workers with a visual representation of the drilling process. This technology feature can show your staff the standard operating procedures and the ramifications of not following the rules. With a simulation program, we can monitor workers’ competence in operating the virtual machine and guide them to hone their skills in a low-risk environment. 

2. Assess Employee Skills

Miners can have varied learning styles and levels of experience. We can talk to your staff to assess their skills or expertise in different machines. Assessing the knowledge of individual miners can determine where their skills are lacking. If there are knowledge gaps, your staff could benefit from refresher training.

We can offer personalized training to miners in your company. Our staff can curate programs and training and can provide ongoing feedback, support, and regular check-ins for miners to perfect their skills. 

3. Provide Theoretical Training

Our skilled facilitators can offer theoretical training to miners. Theoretical training can help miners familiarize themselves with how mining products and components operate. This training can be beneficial when you purchase a new machine for your company since we train on mining equipment maintenance practices.

Our trainers can teach miners the purpose of each component, how to use controls, and how to troubleshoot. We can teach your technicians safety practices through case study assessments. Our trainers can remind miners about emergency procedures through role-playing scenarios and problem-solving exercises. 

4. Offer Hands-on Training

Practical training gives miners hands-on experience in operating screens, cone crushers, jaw crushers, and material handling equipment. The mining industry has experienced technological advancements, such as automation and artificial intelligence. With these technology changes, hands-on training can help staff to know how to assemble and install mining equipment.

Our factory personnel can train miners to use mining equipment for each task in a controlled environment. Your staff can learn about cleaning and lubricating mining tools regularly. We can show miners the right start-up procedures and ways to rebuild tramp cylinders and other components. Training can encourage staff to be keen and report signs of damage to mining tools or equipment.

Invest in Training for the Right Use of Mining Products

Jaw crushers, screens, cone crushers, and material handling equipment operate differently. Machine operators need theoretical training and hands-on experience to handle them effectively. The right skills and knowledge can reduce the risk of operator error. At Apache Iron Works, we offer quality training so miners can know how to maintain, use, and service equipment.

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