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How Do You Maintain Material Handling Equipment?

Proper maintenance for your material handling equipment can make it last longer and increase productivity by minimizing breakdowns. Apache Iron Works offers maintenance and repair services for mining products to keep them in optimal condition. We also provide mining equipment for sale, featuring a wide selection of products to meet your needs. Our company is passionate about offering high-quality, reliable solutions.  

How To Maintain Material Handling Equipment

1. Conduct Inspections Regularly

A major mistake some mining companies make is assuming that because the equipment is working, it's in good shape. It may be working but may have underlying issues that can worsen if left unchecked for too long.

To avoid small issues from growing and potentially causing a total breakdown, inspect your mining products regularly and ask operators to stay on the lookout for any signs of damage. If you find a small problem, we can help you address it immediately.

2. Use the Right Mining Products for Each Task 

You may have many mining tools, but each one has its own specific uses. Using the wrong tool for a particular task may strain it unnecessarily and lead to damage. Encourage your operators to pay attention to the characteristics of each tool and use it for its intended purpose.

If you don't have the right equipment for a task, invest in it rather than trying to make do with what you have. Apache Iron Works is here to evaluate your needs and recommend the most suitable size and model of equipment for your business.

3. Clean and Lubricate Regularly 

Mining is a dusty and dirty job, so it's natural for equipment to accumulate grime. The dirt can get into the components and affect their performance, slowing production. Establish a cleaning routine to remove any accumulated dirt or debris and get into all the nooks and crannies. Friction can also cause premature wear and tear, so lubricate moving parts regularly to keep them functioning smoothly.

4. Train Machinery Operators

Operator error is a common cause of damage to material handling equipment. Even a simple mistake can cause major damage and lead to costly repairs. To avoid this, train your operators on how to use the machinery and make them understand all safety procedures.

Apache Iron Works provides quality operator training to help individuals develop the skills and techniques to safely and effectively use machinery. Contact your Apache Iron Works representative to sign up for a training session.

5. Have a Maintenance and Repair Plan 

Even with all the preventive measures, breakdowns may still occur. Establish a system for responding to these situations and have a reliable maintenance and repair partner.

Apache Iron Works provides comprehensive services for maintenance and repairs to keep your material handling equipment in top condition. We are here to provide the solutions you need to keep your mining company running smoothly.

Contact Apache Ironworks for Reliable Mining Solutions 

At Apache Iron Works, we understand you need top-notch mining products and services. We provide various mining machines for sale, including crushers, feeders, conveyors, and many others. We also provide maintenance and repair services to help keep your machines running optimally and minimize breakdowns. Contact us today to let us know your needs.

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