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How Are Screens Used in Professional Mining?

Screens are used extensively in professional mining operations to enhance productivity and safety. At Apache Iron Works, we develop and deliver professional-level mining products, including screening equipment. Here are some uses of screens in mining:


Screens are employed during the initial exploration phase to separate and classify different soil, gravel, or rock sample sizes. This process helps identify potential mineral deposits and determines the viability of mining operations in a particular area. Apache Iron Works screens feature multiple deck configurations that separate material into different-size fractions.

Apache VT Incline Screens feature high screening capacity to process large volumes of material efficiently. Our screens also have adjustable stroke length and speed, allowing operators to fine-tune the screening parameters according to the characteristics of the material being explored. The stroke length and speed functionalities help optimize screening efficiency and accuracy.

Crushing and Grinding

Screening equipment is often used with crushers and grinders to control the particle size of crushed rocks or minerals. These professional-level mining products help reduce the size and separate oversized or undersized particles. Apache VS Horizontal Screens feature multiple shaft vibrating mechanisms to generate the required vibrations for the screen operation. Rubber marshmallow suspension springs on our screens reduce noise and impact on the supporting structure. 

Oversize spherical bearings withstand heavy loads and provide smooth operation. Our screen decks are constructed using fabricated crowned steel, which provides strength during crushing and grinding. Our screens' feed box and discharge lips are lined with abrasion-resistant material, offering protection against wear during crushing and grinding.

Scalping and Sizing

The purpose of scalping is to separate large rocks, debris, or unwanted material that could hinder the mining operation. Screens are used for scalping and sizing to increase efficiency and productivity during mining. Our screens excel at scalping since they have a large screening area for effective scalping and sizing. 

CNC side plates are machined to include additional features for integrating other screen components, such as feed boxes, discharge lips, or spray bars. These integrated components enhance the functionality of the scalping and sizing operation. Apache MS and CM Screens feature asymmetrically located vibrators that help optimize the scalping and sizing process.


Screens are also used for classifying minerals based on size and density. Each screen is used to sift out the needed materials depending on their size, before moving on to the next screen. Classification helps optimize downstream processes and enables more efficient extraction of valuable minerals. The slope angle in our horizontal screens enhances the stratification of particles, facilitating accurate classification.

Our products have high screening efficiency to determine the effectiveness of particle size classification. They also feature an elliptical stroke motion that allows for better material stratification, improving particle separation. The high G-forces increase the screening capacity and improve the accuracy of particle size classification.


Invest in Professional-level Mining Products

Apache Iron Works offers quality screens that come with different features to meet your mining needs. Choose from VT Incline screens, VS Horizontal screens, and MS and CM screens for your mining operations. Browse through our screens collection and contact us today for more details.

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