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How Are Screens Used in Professional Mining?

Screens are used extensively in professional mining operations to enhance productivity and safety. At Apache Iron Works, we develop and deliver professional-level mining products, including screening equipment. Here are some uses of screens in mining:


Screens are employed during the initial exploration phase to separate and classify different soil, gravel, or rock sample sizes. This process helps identify potential mineral deposits and determines the viability of mining operations in a particular area. Apache Iron Works screens feature multiple deck configurations that separate material into different-size fractions.

Apache VT Incline Screens feature high screening capacity to process large volumes of material efficiently. Our screens also have adjustable stroke length and speed, allowing operators to fine-tune the screening parameters according to the characteristics of the material being explored. The stroke length and speed functionalities help optimize screening efficiency and accuracy.

Crushing and Grinding

Screening equipment is often used with crushers and grinders to control the particle size of crushed rocks or minerals. These professional-level mining products help reduce the size and separate oversized or undersized particles. Apache VS Horizontal Screens feature multiple shaft vibrating mechanisms to generate the required vibrations for the screen operation. Rubber marshmallow suspension springs on our screens reduce noise and impact on the supporting structure. 

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4 Strategies For Improving Miners' Training

Miners should have a high level of skill and expertise to operate mining tools safely. Using the right mining products and techniques for specific tasks can make the machines last longer. At Apache Iron Works, we offer comprehensive miners’ training. Here are four strategies for improving miners’ training:

1. Incorporate Technology

Technology can be helpful in improving miners’ skills and knowledge. Virtual reality (VR) simulators can allow employees to learn and practice their skills. Mixing holograph pictures and step-by-step instructions could provide an engaging learning environment.

Using augmented reality (AR) can provide workers with a visual representation of the drilling process. This technology feature can show your staff the standard operating procedures and the ramifications of not following the rules. With a simulation program, we can monitor workers’ competence in operating the virtual machine and guide them to hone their skills in a low-risk environment. 

2. Assess Employee Skills

Miners can have varied learning styles and levels of experience. We can talk to your staff to assess their skills or expertise in different machines. Assessing the knowledge of individual miners can determine where their skills are lacking. If there are knowledge gaps, your staff could benefit from refresher training.

We can offer personalized training to miners in your company. Our staff can curate programs and training and can provide ongoing feedback, support, and regular check-ins for miners to perfect their skills. 

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Apache Iron Works becomes partners with Crisp Industries

It all about true customer experience which lies in the heart and core of the strong precision of Apache Iron Works mining equipment and how its manufactured with standards that are considered to be the highest in the industry.

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How Do You Maintain Material Handling Equipment?

Proper maintenance for your material handling equipment can make it last longer and increase productivity by minimizing breakdowns. Apache Iron Works offers maintenance and repair services for mining products to keep them in optimal condition. We also provide mining equipment for sale, featuring a wide selection of products to meet your needs. Our ...

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