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Best Professional Mining Products of 2023

The right equipment can make mining safer, easier, and more productive. Reliable equipment can also keep the cost low, as it often improves the site's profitability. At Apache Iron Works, we provide clients with superior mining products engineered with your project in mind. Below are some of the best professional mining products you'll find on the market in 2023:

Jaw Crusher 

A jaw crusher reduces the size of huge rocks by dropping them into the mouth of the crusher chamber. This crusher has a pivoting swing jaw and a fixed, rigid jaw that crushes large rocks. The opening at the bottom of the jaw plates is adjusted to match the desired product size. The rocks stay between the jaws until they get ground to a size that's small enough to fall through the opening.

Our PJS Heavyweight Obligation Modular Jaw Crusher can process as much as 50,000 psi in the most complex applications. The jaw crusher is among the heaviest on the market. When crushing hard rock, weight, nip angle, speed, and mass are keys to the designed features of our best jaw crusher.

Cone Crusher 

Cone crushers can crush all types of stones and hard mineral rocks to transport products efficiently through conveyors etc. They are reliable and consume minimal levels of energy. In mining industries, cone crushers get used for downstream, tertiary, and secondary crushing services. Gyratory crushers and jaw crushers are for the main crushing operations. Different crushers can be used depending on the properties, throughput, and hardness of the product being processed.

Our PF High-Speed Cone Crusher can process hard rocks and is more lenient when handling tramp iron. The crusher produces cubical rocks at a high production rate. The LS Legacy Cone Crusher has modern and traditional design features that meet the long demanding service hours of the mining industry. We also carry the Gyratory Crusher, which has fully automated PLC Controls and three crushing chamber profiles to select from. You can order it with four different stroke settings. 

Material Handling Equipment 

Material handling equipment is responsible for the blending, storage, and movement of materials in any mining operation. Any stoppage during the material handling process can affect productivity. The equipment symbolizes connectivity between the mine and the marketplace.

We design and build material handling systems for clients across the U.S. in various applications. They include plant conveyors, stationary structures, material bins, portable chassis, and radial stackers.


Screens help to separate materials during mechanical filtering processes. They are simple, effective, and tough, boosting the production yield in the mining industry. Based on the application, screens can stand alone. Pairing a screen with a crusher helps to make a full-circuit system to separate and mine materials.

Our screens are designed for ease of maintenance, long service life, and high screening efficiency. They come with reinforcing plates, huck bolt connections, and full-length spring brackets for long life in tough applications. Our high-energy screen offers simplicity in design and high efficiency in screening.

Buy Mining Products From Apache Iron Works 

Apache Iron Works specializes in manufacturing quality mining products that help to create greater production. Our goal is to progress the industry through superior manufacturing and by creating better-engineered designs. We specialize in identifying problems and offering solutions that meet the unique demands and needs of the mining industry. Apache offers superior products with unmatched quality, guaranteed to complete your project.

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